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Bespoke hanging lanternPhillips and Wood works alongside many interior designers, architects, property developers and product designers to achieve the highest quality bespoke lighting and furniture products available.

With wide ranging skills, our workshop can produce replicas and copies of antique or retro designs or work from a designers brief, photograph or full design drawings.

Full CAD drawings and realistic renderings can be provided before production begins. An example is included above.

Past projects

Past bespoke work has included items for a new palace in Riyadh, a 2/3 scale replica of Versailles built in Texas, a set of lamps designed to allow for maximum light for an avid reader who is partially sighted, huge scale chandeliers and discreet library lights, mirrors made with castings taken directly from twigs and much more; there are few limits to what can be achieved.

Besides our workshops, we work closely with other UK and European craftsmen and women so that we can make items that use a variety of materials and manufacturing methods.

Bespoke CAD drawings
The chandelier featured at the top of the page was de-signed alongside the team at Helen Green Design. The pre-production technical drawings (featured left) and rendered repre- sentation of the finished product (above).

Made in steel with graduated glass beads, this was difficult and challenging project successfully completed. All of the details can be amended alongside the designer/client until we have a product that will suit all of those concerned.











Bespoke Chandelier

These images were taken for promotion of a property designed by Joanna Trading.

A chandelier made in wrought and cast brass, all nickel plated, with strings of varying length lead crystal beads, in the oval to suit the lay out of the room.





Bespoke table lamp
Table lamps soon to be added to the Phillips & Wood range as The Madison, and a mirror designed by Anthony Critchlow and made by Phillips & Wood
















Bespoke table
A cluster of coffee tables with two smaller ones slotting under the larger, allowing for a choice of arrangement. Made in steel section and nickel plated with mirrored tops.









Bespoke art installation
This artwork was commissioned by Joanna Wood and was made by applying slices of aluminium, mosaic mirror and lead to a backing board









Bespoke mirror
A mirror made by casting twigs in brass and laying them onto a frame, the whole bronzed.
















Bespoke mobile
A mobile after Calder
















Bespoke sculpture
A wall sculpture made in laser cut stainless steel.









Bespoke chandelier

This scheme formed part of an award winning project by Joanna Trading


This entirely bespoke chandelier, made with crystal beads laid onto a wire framed chandelier.






Bespoke chandelier
This bathroom chandelier made in the style of the Phillips & Wood Savoy chandelier but in the octagonal shape. We can use IP44 rated fittings in most items. For more information on IP rating, please see details in the next section.
















Bespoke chandelier
A bespoke chandelier based upon a vintage design, modernised to give it a more contemporary feel.









Carrington chandelier
Phillips & Wood are proud to present the new Carrington chandelier here pictured on our stand at Decorex.

This version, two tiered and at a total of 3m high and 60cm diameter at the widest, uses a bronzed frame with triangular glass that refracts the light from standard incandescent bulbs to form the rings of light.

This is intended as an example of the possibilities that there are for this type of chandelier. They can be made in any format, and at any height according to your requirements.

Designed to give a lot of bang for your buck, this chandelier is excellent value where a large chandelier is required.

For further information or quotes on your own specific requirements, please contact us







Carrington chandelier 2
A smaller version of the Carrington











See next section for useful information on IP ratings and hanging methods

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